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I’m Olivia Lee, the co-founder of aluminumrock.com.

I have been engaged in the import and export industry for more than 10 years, at the beginning I was doing building materials exports, and from the very beginning of the industry white to successfully starting 2 projects, I have accumulated a lot of experience.

I do not particularly like building materials, because this product for me is more masculine, so I began to think about what is related to my hobby, which can stimulate my maximum potential.

One day in 2017,  me and my friend Rohnin were invited to visit my friend’s factory which started to produce cosmetic daily commodities and packages.

We were so excited for the first time because we saw the finished products, this is the product and service we like – high end, household, tailor products.  So we Joined his company to be a shareholder.

And in the subsequent work, our company’s products and services have been recognized by many customers, most of whom say that our team is professional and always helps them save time and money in the design of their programs.

  • We can produce aluminum packaging in a realistic and strict way
  • We can always think from the customer’s point of view
  • We can help customers to do a market analysis and competitor analysis
  • We can provide customers with the same inspection and loading as SGS standard
  • We can even take professional photos of product packaging for customers for free, these are the things we are proud of.

We hope our products and services can satisfy more customers, after all, who doesn’t want a super cost-effective supplier?

Here is a vlog about me, I hope you can get to know me better – your potential supplier.

olivia lee


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Reach Me by WhatsApp: +86 151 5810 8905

You can also scan my QR WhatsApp code