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Customize Aluminum Bottles in China: Full Wrap or Partial Wrap?

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Hi, I’m the author of this post, and I have been in this field for 5 years. If you want to import, wholesale and custom aluminum cosmetic containers, jars and tubes, please feel free to ask me any questions!


Customized aluminum bottles and metal cosmetic containers are now very popular in the cosmetic business.


This is not surprising seeing that aluminum is versatile. Aluminum bottles are very strong and offer full protection to your cosmetic products. It protects them from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and oxygen inside the air.


Another reason these metal bottles are gaining popularity is that they can be customized to meet your taste.


Because of these, you can boost how good your metal cosmetic container looks on the shelf. And also increase the growth opportunities for your business.


But when it comes to customizing aluminum bottles, two solutions are always available. The two solutions are Partial Wrap and Full Wrap. They are not the same, and knowing their differences would help you a great deal.


However, as it is with every customization or change, you need to do a thorough evaluation.


We have done all that for you, and all you need now is to go through this guide carefully.



It is always difficult to say which wrap is better for customizing aluminum bottles. Whether Partial wraps or Full wraps. But the two solutions are great options for your business. The one to choose depends on your business needs, type of product, and type of aluminum bottle.


Aside from knowing which wrap is better, you need to also know other things. Like:

  • Why do you need to customize your metal bottles or metal cosmetic containers?
  • Two Solutions to Customize Aluminum Bottles in China
  • Difference Between Full Wrap and Partial Wrap for Aluminum Bottle Customization in China
  • Custom Cost for Full Wrap and Partial Wrap





Why Do You Need to Customize Your Aluminum Bottles In China?

In the cosmetic industry, aluminum bottles are becoming very common.


They are now used at all levels of cosmetic businesses. They are used by small-scale businesses and are also used for production in very large quantities.




The reason for this is because of the unique and special characteristics of aluminum bottles. Aluminum bottles are very scalable metal cosmetic containers. They can be shaped anyhow you want. And customized to meet your business needs. They are cheap and help to grow your business by attracting customers.


Because of these, cosmetic brands can easily use these metal bottles to boost small businesses to large ones.


Remember when we mentioned that customizing aluminum bottles is cheap? This is not just for the metal cosmetic containers alone, but also for every kind of aluminum bottle.


Aluminum bottles and metal cosmetic containers customized in China help to boost the sustainability of your business. It makes your cosmetic products have a very nice shelf appeal, by making them very attractive.


However, customizing aluminum bottles and metal cosmetic containers locally is expensive. This is not the same in China where customizing aluminum bottles and metal bottles are very cheap and affordable. With different varieties of companies and suppliers to pick from.




When you do your research, you will find out that customizing your aluminum bottles in china will help you save money. A lot of money. Up to 25% or almost 50% depending on the quantity.


Being cheap is not the only reason why you should customize your metal cosmetic containers in China.


There are other reasons. In China, you can find different varieties of aluminum bottles to pick from. This is because there are a lot of companies in China that customize aluminum bottles, metal bottles, and metal cosmetic containers.


Mind you, if you do not see an aluminum bottle design of your choice, there are lots of factories that will work to bring your design to reality.


Two Solutions to Customize Aluminum Bottles in China

If you are looking towards customizing your aluminum bottles in China, there are two main solutions. But whichever solution you use, you will be sure to get your desired results. These two solutions can help to put your business’s unique personality on the metal bottles. In fact, they can help you advertise your products.


The two main solutions for customizing aluminum bottles or metal cosmetic containers are:

  • Partial wrap
  • Full wrap


What is Partial Wrap for Aluminum Bottles Customization in China?

One way to customize aluminum bottles and metal cosmetic containers is by using partial wraps. By partial wraps, it means that not all parts of the aluminum bottles will be covered.



In partial wrap aluminum bottle customization, the process should be:

  1. Sendingdesign PDF file to us
  2. Discuss and modify the original design file(Decide the color code, pattern, and printing way)
  3. Match the caps
  4. Deliver and confirm the bottle and cap samples
  5. Customization
  6. Do inspection
  7. Shipping
  8. Aftersales


This is the production video of aluminum bottle customization.


The percentage of the metal bottles to be covered can range from 25%, 50%, and 75%. But it’s important that they are placed in very visible areas of the aluminum bottles.


To customize aluminum bottles(Here is an Ultimate Guide for Importing Aluminum Containers from China.), partial wraps are great for neutral color metals. However, any color of the printing on the metal bottles would do just fine.


Partial aluminum bottle customization wraps are a lot cheaper than their counterpart, the full wraps. This makes them a very good choice for your cosmetic product.


What is Full Wrap for Aluminum Bottles Customization in China?

The next solution for customizing aluminum bottles is full wrap customization. It can be used to cover every part of your aluminum bottles. From the top to the bottom and even the base packaging of bottles.




Full wraps can also include box printing and printing the base of metal bottles. A full wrap should be your go-to choice for the customization of aluminum bottles. If you plan to fully cover your aluminum products.


In full wrap aluminum bottle customization, the process should be:

  1. Sendingdesign PDF file to us
  2. Discuss and modify the original design file, and the carton (Decide the color code, pattern, and printing way)
  3. Match the caps
  4. Deliver and confirm the bottle, cap, and packaging samples
  5. Customization
  6. Do inspection
  7. Shipping
  8. Aftersales



Don’t worry about the visibility of your aluminum bottles and metal cosmetic containers. Full wrap customization techniques in China are done perfectly.


So, if you want the content of your aluminum bottle to show, it can still show. But if you don’t want that, it can protect it very well.




Full wrap aluminum bottle customization uses every part of your metal cosmetic container. It helps to turn your product into a billboard. It will also help to differentiate your products from other cosmetic products on the market and create more sales leads for you.


Full wraps are more expensive than partial wraps. But they can help to make sure your brand is consistent. They help to provide long-term marketing solutions for top cosmetic brands.


Difference Between Full Wrap and Partial Wrap for Aluminum Bottle Customization in China

For customizing your aluminum bottles, both partial wraps and full wraps are great options. But there are just small differences that exist between the two.


You need to understand these differences so that you will know in detail what you are going for. Each of these kinds of an aluminum bottle or metal cosmetic container customization has unique benefits. These benefits play a strong part in why you should choose any of them for your business.


  • The main difference between a full wrap and partial wrap for aluminum bottle customizations includes the carton or not.
  • Full wraps help to increase your cosmetic brand’s awareness. While partial wraps would show very little information about your business.
  • A full wrap is more expensive, and partial wraps are not. Partial wrap customization of aluminum bottles in China can be used at any business level.
  • With a full wrap, you can fully utilize the money spent on customizing your aluminum bottles. And these can last for a very long time. It is not the same for partial wraps which can be removed easily.
  • Because partial wraps can be removed easily, it’s easier to change your brand’s messaging. This can be changed to match or announce special promotions or specific seasons. You can’t do the same with full wraps. They are not flexible and changing the message on them is more expensive too.


Remember, that whichever kind of wraps you go for is dependent on what you need. Or better, what you can afford. Don’t be scared, their difference in price is not that high.


Custom Cost for Full Wrap and Partial Wrap

The cost difference between full and partial wraps is not that wide. For partial wraps, the cost difference is caused by printing way and quantity.


For example, AluminumRock quoted a client who needed 15,000 units of partial wrap solution that a cosmetic bottle 2 FL OZ with 4 colors, we used coating and silkscreen printing, we quoted was FOB Ningbo price $0.57/unit.




Others are about a dollar to almost $1.7. This depends greatly on the quantity and designs you pick.


It’s slightly different from full wrap customization. Only because full wrap customization costs also include a fee for box printing. This fee is not high. It is about $0.05- $1.9 for one unit.


Adding the extra cost for box printing to partial wrap will give you the actual cost for full wrap customization.



Customizing aluminum bottles is one way to grow your business. Whether you own a small-scale cosmetic business or a large one.


That is why you need to know the two solutions for customizing aluminum bottles. They are both affordable when done in China, and you can expect to get the best results.


I hope this article will help you in choosing your aluminum bottle or metal cosmetic container customization.


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