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Top 10 Aluminum Containers Wholesalers In Canada

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Hi, I’m the author of this post, and I have been in this field for 5 years. If you want to import, wholesale and custom aluminum cosmetic containers, jars and tubes, please feel free to ask me any questions!


Aluminium cosmetic packaging has grown in popularity within the past few years. With the growth of many aluminium containers industry in Canada. But not all aluminum cosmetic packaging companies in Canada provide customization. Most of these companies are into cosmetic packaging wholesale. And the others offer customization as well.


After thorough research, we made an important discovery. Most aluminium container companies source their containers from China. Especially those into cosmetic packaging wholesale. And most of them also offer customization for aluminum cosmetic packaging.


We have listed the Top 10 Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging Wholesalers In Canada for you. While some are manufacturers, others are suppliers and are into cosmetic packaging wholesale.


The top 10 aluminium cosmetic packaging wholesalers in Canada are:



Location: Zhejiang(Province), China
Company type: Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler
Year founded: 2017
The number of employees: 10 to 20
Main product: Aluminum cosmetic bottles, tubes, containers, cans, etc.
Other products: Atomizers, Aerosol cans, trigger sprayers, pumps, etc.


At AluminumRock, quality is important as they always give their clients the best.  As a leading aluminium containers manufacturer and aluminum containers wholesaler, they provide almost all types of shapes and colors with market-proven printing methods – heat transfer, offset printing, UV coating, and silkscreen.


Their clients get an opportunity for a one-on-one inspection for all batch production. They also get access to a complete review, which reduces defect rates. Their quote solutions are good and cheap, the same as their product prices. Which are 50% lower than the prices from other companies.


CRC cap is also available here for your special need. 


With AluminumRock, any inconvenience you have will be 100% compensated for. Giving you a 100% money-back guarantee.

aluminumrock aluminum bottle-matt-finish-100ml-150ml-200ml-300ml

You cannot say for some other Chinese manufacturers and suppliers out there.


AluminumRock has Lightning-Fast Delivery and a Low MOQ.


Advantages: Specializes in professional manufacture and customization of aluminum cosmetic bottles. The likes of aluminum cosmetic bottles, tubes, cans, and aluminum perfume atomizers. They may be for Household, Personal care, Fragrance & Cosmetics Products. Their advantages also include:

  • Quick Response
  • Offer tailor-made solutions
  • Less impact on the environment
  • Certificates Proven
  • Online Audi
  • Design On-Demand


Montebello Packaging

Location: Ontario, Canada
Company Type: Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler
Year founded: 2008
The number of employees: More than 50
Main product: Aluminum cosmetic packaging and Aluminium containers
Other products: Glass, Plastics, and other packaging materials
Provide customization (silkscreen, label) service: Yes



Montebello Packaging is one of the trusted manufacturers of aluminium containers in Canada. They are not only into aluminum cosmetic packaging manufacturing. They are also into designing them. And when they do, they transform your aluminium containers. And help grow your business by beating your competitors.


Montebello packaging designs aluminum cosmetic packaging that is durable. And come with caps and closures they make to your taste.


They do not only make aluminium cosmetic packaging. They also make cylinders, airtight containers, and canisters. You can also get any kind of aluminium containers you can think of from them.  

aluminumrock aluminum bottles empty

Their technology is up to date, and their delivery time is so fast and without delay. They are also very affordable and respond to their customers very fast too.


While the company has a very large supply chain, as far as Asia and Europe. Their manufacturing plants and factories are in Canada and the United States. That is where they produce their aluminium cosmetic packaging.


Their aluminum cosmetic packaging or any aluminium container is sustainable. They help you not to hurt the environment as they are 100% recyclable.




Location: Los Angeles, California
Company type: Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, Supplier
Year founded: 2010
The number of employees: less than 25
Main product: Aluminium cosmetic packaging, Aluminium containers
Other products: Metal containers, glasses, jars, plastics, and closures
Provide customization (silkscreen, label) service: Yes. They offer labeling services.


When you talk about quality aluminium containers in Canada, then you need Juvitus. Where you can find different kinds of aluminium cosmetic packaging of different varieties.


Juvitus does not only have aluminium containers for cosmetic packaging wholesale. You can find different varieties of aluminium containers for several purposes. Like apothecary, aromatherapy, candles, sprayers, jars, bottles, and lots more.


The majority of their aluminium containers are very affordable. Especially when you buy them in very large quantities.



Consolidated Bottle

Location: Montreal and Toronto
Company type: Aluminum cosmetic packaging, manufacturing, distribution, and customization
Year founded: 1910
The number of employees: Less than 50
Main product: Aluminium containers and aluminium cosmetic packaging
Other products: Glasses and very rigid plastics
Provide customization (silkscreen, label) service: Yes! Their customization services also include hot stamping and the application of shrink sleeves.


One of the well-known solutions for aluminium containersg in Canada is Consolidated Bottle. A company that has existed since 1910, and has extended its services to a global reach. With a strong commitment to inventory control, project management, and customer satisfaction.


Their factory, both in Montreal and Toronto, is over 500,000 square feet. And their services are tailor-made to meet your satisfaction.


Aside from manufacturing aluminum cosmetic packaging, they also have other services you may need. Their services range from design, inventory control, global sourcing, logistics, and a lot more. They also provide quality assurance services if you need one. Make sure your aluminium container comes out as you want.


Consolidated Bottles also make flexible cosmetic packaging, glasses, and very rigid plastics. You can either get these products through their Special Order program. Or by stocking. Whichever you think is best.


They have the needed expertise to make aluminium containers that meet the current market demand. They also offer customization services, ranging from labeling to silkscreen and hot stamping.


They make aluminium containers production fast, enjoyable, and very easy.



Berlin Packaging (Quebec Canada Branch)

Location: Quebec, Canada
Company type: Supplier, Distribution, Logistics, Manufacturers, Consultancy
Year founded: 1898
The number of employees: more than 500
Main product: Aluminium container
Other products: glass, plastic, and metal containers; dispensers, etc.
Provide customization (silkscreen, label) service: Yes. Their customization services range from UV screen printing to hot stamping. They also have labels that are pressure sensitive, and a lot more.


This aluminum cosmetic packaging solution gives you all you need. They are the best manufacturers of aluminium containers. They are also the best distributors and suppliers.


Berlin Packaging is so flexible in its aluminium cosmetic packaging services. And their services are very cheap and affordable. So both small and very large companies can do business with them. It does not matter the number of aluminium containers you are buying.


The company has been in global sourcing for more than 20 years. With expertise in the different technologies concerned with aluminium cosmetic packaging. At very affordable prices.



Hemkund Remedies Inc.

Location: British Columbia, Canada
Company Type: cosmetic packaging wholesale, Supplier
Year founded: 2000
The number of employees: Almost 50
Main product: aluminium cosmetic packaging, aluminium containers, cosmetic packaging
Other products: glass, metal, and plastic containers vials, droppers, closures, sprayers, pumps, etc.

Provide customization (silkscreen, label) service: no, except for pharmaceutical companies.


In Canada, Hemkund remedies are one of the best suppliers of aluminium cosmetic packaging. They are also into cosmetic packaging wholesale.


Aside from aluminium containers, the company also produces plastic and glass vials. They also make bottles for different industries. They do not only make aluminium containers for cosmetic companies. They also make for the pharmaceutical industries, naturopathy, homeopathy, and lots more.


Apart from supplying their products to most parts of North America, they also supply most countries in the world. They do not concentrate on cosmetic packaging wholesale only. They are also made for retail.



I.M. Packaging

Location: Quebec, Canada
Company type: Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Wholesalers
Year founded: 1980
The number of employees: Almost 50
Main product: Aluminium containers, Metal containers, and Glass and Plastic containers
Other products: Closures, droppers, sprayers, etc.
Provide customization (silkscreen, label) service: Yes


I.M. Packaging understands your need for quality aluminium containers. And that is exactly what they give you. As an extra, they top it up with peace of mind.


I.M. Packaging understands the importance of packaging to your cosmetic business. So their focus is on creating very attractive aluminium containers. And these will grow your business in no time.


The company has been operating in Canada for over 35 years. And have always taken pride in their ability to produce quality services.


They give a 360 service that is very comprehensive and will meet all your needs. These services take your ideas, and transform them into very quality and attractive realities.

While they do these, they do it with integrity and passion. A great deal of it is geared towards serving and satisfying you.


I.M. Packaging services are not for cosmetic packaging wholesale purposes alone. You can also patronize them for your small businesses.



BottleSource Corp

Location: Quebec, Canada
Company type: Manufacturing of Aluminum cosmetic packaging
Year founded: 2018
The number of employees: Less than 10
Main product: Aluminium cosmetic packaging and Aluminium containers
Other products: plastic and glass containers
Provide customization (silkscreen, label) service: Yes. They offer sleeving and labeling services


If you need cosmetic packaging wholesale services, then check Bottlesource.


They offer a wide variety of products of very high quality and for any industry. Ranging from the cosmetic industry to the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and beverage industries.  


They have quality assurance and work under regulations. All these they do to ensure you get the best services. And that your aluminium containers come out as you wanted them.


Most of the company’s aluminium cosmetic packaging services are outstanding. They make sure you get what you need, and that your business grows. How? By making your aluminum cosmetic packaging more attractive and less expensive. This way, the shelf life of your products is reduced. And you make more profits.



YellowBee Packaging and Supplies

Location: Alberta, Canada
Company type: Supplier, Cosmetic packaging wholesale
Year founded: 2012
The number of employees: Less than 50
Main product: Aluminium containers, aluminum cosmetic packaging wholesale
Other products: glass and plastic containers and bottles. Tubes for lip balm, metal containers, stamps for soaps, etc.
Provide customization (silkscreen, label) service: Yes


This is a very energetic and young aluminum cosmetic container company. YellowBee is run by Ivan and Wendy. It is into aluminium cosmetic packaging and customization.


Although the company is a local company, they are very flexible and agile. They will always meet your needs. No matter how difficult they are. This is why you should give them a try. You will definitely get an aluminium container with a money-back guarantee.


Their services are very affordable, and their products are made of the best quality. Irrespective of whether they are an upcoming business. This is because the company has a passion to make sure their customers get the best they have to offer. Even if it means they have to work all day to give you that.


The company is worth trying. You should consider giving them a shot to see how well your aluminium container will come out.



Voyageur Soap & Co. all

Location: British Columbia, Canada
Company type: Wholesaler, Retailer
Year founded: 2001
The number of employees: Around 30
Main product: Cosmetic packaging with aluminum, glass, and plastic materials. 
Other products: Soap, ingredients
Provide customization (silkscreen, label) service: Yes


Voyageur Soap & Candle is Canada’s premier supplier for Soap Making Supplies, Cosmetic Packaging, as well as thousands of ingredients for your Aromatherapy, Mineral Makeup, and Skin Care products.


Even though It is not a traditional packaging company, its retail and ingredients help cosmetic and personal care brands understand the types of material to certain ingredients well. They have a wide range of cosmetic and personal care packaging like aluminium, plastic, and glass.




In Canada, there are several aluminium cosmetic packaging companies. That’s why it is important to find a reliable and good one.

aluminumrock aluminum bottle High-quality-100ml-200ml-300ml-350ml-500ml

Which makes this list very good for your business.  


It will make it easier for you to buy aluminium containers. And also to get cosmetic packaging wholesale.


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