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Hello. I'm Olivia from Aluminumrock. let me guide you through this ultimate solutions page.

I am the co-founder of aluminumrock I have been working in this industry for 5 years. The following information is for you to get great ideas on how we provide you with exceptional solutions for wonderful aluminum cosmetic bottles and other aluminium cosmetic products.

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    Do You Want Your Own Line Of Quality Aluminum Cosmetic Jars?

    Then choose AluminumRock! Because Aluminumrock is flexible to suit your customization needs,the quality is also unique.


    All your designs will be treated with uniquely and with perfection as most of our clients have their own unique cosmetic brand.


    Your specific needs will be satisfied with our closely working through zoom video call, email.


    All our processes here at AluminumRock are tailor-made to give your designs the attention they deserve. So in the long run, your products will be delivered to you and specific only to you!


    We work hard to ensure that you get the perfect packaging that fits your product. And, above all, to meet your delivery schedule and give you packaging that skyrockets your sales.


    hand cream balm

    The Top 8 Benefits Of Aluminum Cosmetic Jars



    Aluminium jars for cosmetics packaging is also suitable for cosmetic products because they are stable. They have strong resistance to temperature changes.


    This helps to provide added protection to your products. Not only for cosmetic products. But also for healthcare or pharmaceutical products.


    This is one of the reasons you should choose aluminum cosmetic packages. Aluminum is one of the lightest metals in the whole world. Which makes aluminium jars for cosmetics among the lightest in the cosmetic industry.


    Being lightweight gives Aluminum jars packaging an edge over other kinds of packaging. It also benefits you as well.

    Formability and Flexibility

    The formability and flexibility of aluminum make them useful in making lots of aluminum cosmetic jars. They can be used to make simple dropper bottles for essential oils. Or they can be used to make very large but also unique aluminum spray bottles. With aluminum cosmetic packaging, there is always room to meet your needs.


    aluminium jars for cosmetics also have other benefits of being flexible. Because they are flexible, they can be formed into shape or size.


    Aluminium jars for cosmetics have conductive properties. And this makes them very important for packaging cosmetics. This is because of their higher rate of heat transfer compared to other metals like iron. This helps to protect the content of your cosmetic products.


    Aluminium jars for cosmetics packaging is also suitable for cosmetic products because they are stable. They have strong resistance to temperature changes.


    This helps to provide added protection to your products. Not only for cosmetic products. But also for healthcare or pharmaceutical products.



    Corrosion and Rust-resistant

    Aluminium jars for cosmetics and packaging are totally resistant to rust and corrosion. Making them very safe for any environment. Even the environment is as humid as a bathroom. They can’t corrode or rust even when constantly in contact with water. This makes them very good for cosmetic products. Or any other products commonly found in such an environment.


    Aluminum cosmetic jars, bottles, and tubes are good for all kinds of cosmetic products. Whether they are solid, or if they are liquid.


    Aluminium jars for cosmetics used for cosmetics are corrosion resistant. They are fit for any humid environment. Including the bathroom.


    100% Natural and Chemical-Free

    Aluminum cosmetic packaging is completely natural and chemical-free. Together with glass, they are the best packaging materials. Both for cosmetic products, as well as for food.


    According to the FDA, they are both 100% safe for food. And they are also safe for skincare products or cosmetic products in general.


    Because aluminium jars for cosmetics are 100% chemical-free, they are popular. They are also considered as a better alternative to other traditional packaging.


    High-End Look

    They have very high-end and premium looks. This looks can’t be compared with basic and ordinary packaging materials. Like plastics.


    aluminium jars for cosmetics give cosmetic products a much higher quality and unique look.


    Aside from having a quality appearance and high-end look, aluminum cosmetic packaging is always seamless.


    Which helps to differentiate them from other traditional cosmetic packaging. The likes of Metal jars or metal tins.


    How to Customize Aluminum Cosmetic Jars - The Production

    We have two types of aluminium jars for cosmetics production: one is fully automatic production, the other is semi-automatic production. The difference between them is below.

    Semi-automatic Fully automatic
    Production capacity 10,000 PCS/day every production line 100,000 PCS/day every production line
    Printing Painting | Heat transfer | UV coating | Screen printing | Offset printing Offset Printing
    MOQ 10,000 pcs 40,000 pcs
    Mold fee 1,000 to 10,000 USD 20,000 to 100,000 USD

    At AluminumRock, our finished aluminum cosmetics bottles are made with the main six(6) processes! 

    STEP 1. Impact Extrusion Press
    This is the first step in the manufacturing process. Impact extrusion press is similar to drawing and extrusion. In this process, the aluminum cosmetic containers and other products are made from a metal slug. The metal slug is first pressed at a very high velocity. This is done with lots of force, and it forces the slug into a die or a mold by a punch. The production of the AluminumRock impact extrusion process is about 200 cans per minute.
    STEP2. Necking
    At AluminumRock, we have a 42-Station necking technology. This technology contains an embossing process. This can be used to create almost any kind of shape of an aluminum cosmetic bottle.
    STEP3. Trimming&Screw
    Trimming and screw the aluminum cosmetic bottles is significant to the seal of cap. It will be screwed automatic.
    STEP4. Washing
    Wash the aluminium cosmetic containers is to clear the complete containers, then it is available to coating in the following step. The aluminum containers will be wahsed automaticly.
    STEP5. Internal Coating
    Internal machines are the next step. Internal coating in AluminumRock consists of fusion-bonded epoxy. It provides low frictional resistance in the containers and also prevents encrustation. Our internal coating machine has nine (9) spray guns, and each container is sprayed three (3) times during production.
    STEP6. Printing
    Our offset printing machines are fitted with servo-motor-driven ink rollers. And all the inking units are controlled individually on the touch panel. Making it very easy to be controlled. It also makes it easy to apply the nine (9) offset colors on all the produced aluminum bottles.
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    The Aluminium Cosmetic Jars We Can Make for You?

    Here are the gallery of aluminium jars for cosmetics we can make. Mold is available.

    Wax aluminum jar

    Wax Aluminum Jar


    Lip Balm

    Hair Prade aluminum jar

    Hair Prade Aluminum Jar

    Wax aluminum jar2


    Top Rated Aluminum Cosmetic Jars


    • Material: 99.7% aluminum
    • Capacity(ml): 5-350
    • Diameter(mm): 25-100
    • Height(mm): 10-112
    • Thickness(mm): 0.3-0.5
    • Surface finish: Polishing, Color painting, Anodizing, Silkscreen, Offset Printing, Labeling(artwork)
    • MOQ: 10,000 PCS
    • Usage: Hand cream, Face cream, cosmetic, personal care


    • Material: 99.7% aluminum
    • Capacity(ml): 5-350
    • Diameter(mm): 25-100
    • Height(mm): 10-112
    • Thickness(mm): 0.3-0.5
    • Surface finish: Polishing, Color painting, Anodizing, Silkscreen, Offset Printing, Labeling(artwork)
    • MOQ: 10,000 PCS
    • Usage: Hand cream, Face cream, cosmetic, personal care


    • Material: 99.7% aluminum
    • Neck Size(mm): 18, 20
    • Size: 61x44x24mm 30ml, 83x61x26mm 80ml, 90x62x25 100ml
    • Thickness(mm): 0.25-0.5
    • Surface finish: Polishing, Color painting, Screen printing, Heat transfer printing
    • MOQ: 10,000 PCS
    • Usage: Cosmetic, person care

    Estimated Custom Cost

    All the money paid to AluminumRock for the purchase of their products is secured.


    Below is an outline of the costs you may likely incur:

    Sample Product Fee

    The key to making an ideal product is to Customize the samples. So the first cost is the sampling fee.

    This money is for a single sample if it is one that you need. With several samples, you’ll pay a bit more.


    Shipping Fee

    This is the amount of money that you will pay for the transportation of your products from the factory to your doorstep.

    AluminumRock offers you convenience of any kind.

    Miscellaneous Fee

    It is any other fees relating to taxes, service fees, penalties, and late fees. They are usually low-cost amounts.


    30% T/T Fee

    You can decide to either pay the full amount or pay 30% of the full payment for the customization.

    70% Balance Fee

    Complete your payment within a certain period and receive the products you ordered for.

    Estimated time for Manufacturing and Shipping

    AluminumRock works even faster than your local aluminum cosmetic bottles suppliers. Coupled with the increasing and steady number of customers patronizing us, we have no other option than to make speed one of our top priorities.


    Let’s take a look at the different steps and processes of customization and shipping:

    STEP 1

    Sampling And Manufacturing Time


    At AluminunRock, sampling of your choice aluminium jars for cosmetics might take 1 week in our factory. After that, we proceed to customize the samples into finished products. This is done during the manufacturing process that may take at most 20 days.

    STEP 1

    STEP 2

    Time For Packing And Boxing All Products


    Depending on the number of aluminium jars for cosmetics, our well-experienced staff packs your products in fitting cartons and pallets. This will not take them a long time to achieve.

    Because it is an easy task for our well-trained staff. The time taken for this may range from 1-2 days.

    STEP 2

    STEP 3

    Custom Clearance And Loading Time

    Sea and land transportation time

    This is the time it takes for our staff to load your products onto the AluminumRock van. Once the products are cleared, our drivers are then responsible for the products. They make sure they deliver them to various dispatch points. This whole process may take about 3-5 days.

    STEP 3

    STEP 4

    Sea And Land Transportation Time


    Once your products get to the destination you stated, you will get an alert. You can then continue the plan for your shipped goods.

    STEP 4

    FAQ About AluminumRock Aluminium Jars for Cosmetics

    Aluminumrock has been wholesaling and customizing the aluminum cosmetic packaging for 5 years and we have encountered all types of problems, here are the most important concerns of our customers before closing the deal.

    Are You On Facebook Or Any Other Social Media Platforms?

    At the moment, we are not on the Facebook platform or any other social media platforms. But you can easily contact us using our email that can be found on our website.

    When I Order Goods, How Long Does It Take Before I Receive Them?

    Normally, shipping should take about 30 to 80 working days depending on different countries. But in some instances, it can take up to 90 working days. This may be due to trouble within the shipping company.


    After Ordering My Aluminum Cosmetic Jars And Packages, How Can I Pay For The Order?

    At AluminumRock, we support various methods of payment. We also support about fourteen (14) different types of currencies.

    Some of our payment gateways include MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, Apple Pay, or any other gateways.

    Regarding this, you can always contact us through our email found on our website. We will be sure to give you the right guide on using mobile devices to choose your preferred payment gateway.

    Do You Have More Pictures Of Your Aluminum Cosmetic Jars And Aluminum Cosmetic Packaging?

    Of course, we do. We have lots of pictures for your viewing pleasure. You can have access to them if you want.


    At your request, we can prepare a special slideshow just for you. All you have to do is to use the arrow keys or the space bar to navigate through the images.


    For more information about this, you can always reach us through our email that can be found on our website.

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