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Why Choose Aluminumrock’s Aluminum Aerosol Can?

Choosing us as your trusted partner means embracing a hassle-free collaboration characterized by professionalism and clear communication.

Our team excels in seamless dialogue, ensuring that your concerns are heard and addressed with utmost clarity.

What sets us apart is our expertise in inspections, where we meticulously conduct random checks, quality assessments, and pre-shipment inspections. With us, you can rest assured that every product undergoes thorough scrutiny, meeting the highest industry standards.


Our commitment to excellence not only guarantees the quality of your products but also ensures a smooth, stress-free experience for you. Working with us means peace of mind, knowing your business is in capable hands.

Hello. I'm Olivia from Aluminumrock. let me guide you through this ultimate solutions page.

I am the co-founder of Aluminumrock I have been working in this industry for 7 years. The following information is for you to get great ideas on how we provide you with exceptional solutions for wonderful aluminum aerosol cans and other aluminium cosmetic products.


For everything from personal care to household products, Aluminumrock’s line of infinitely recyclable impact extruded aluminum aerosol cans are manufactured with a diversity of internal coatings and across all specifications.

Our range of specifications, including 2Q, 2P, and options such as 12, 15, and 18 bar, along with rolled or machined curls/bead and internal coatings like BPANI, epoxy phenolic gold, PAM (polyamide-imide), and organosol, cater to diverse needs.

The Top 8 Benefits Of Aluminum Cosmetic Bottles

Aluminum aerosol cans offer several benefits that contribute to their widespread use in various industries:


Aluminum is a lightweight material, making aerosol cans easy to handle, transport, and store. This lightweight nature reduces shipping costs and makes the cans convenient for consumers to use.

Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum is resistant to corrosion, ensuring that the contents of the aerosol can remain unaffected by the metal. This property helps maintain the quality and integrity of the products stored inside.

Barrier Properties

Aluminum provides an excellent barrier against light, air, and moisture. This barrier protects the contents from external elements, preserving the product’s freshness, potency, and shelf life.

Product Dispensing

Aerosol cans offer controlled and precise product dispensing. They allow products to be dispensed in various forms such as sprays, foams, mists, or gels, catering to different application needs.

Brand Visibility

The smooth surface of aluminum allows for high-quality printing and labeling, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of products. This contributes to strong brand visibility and recognition on store shelves.

Recyclable and Environment Friendly

Aluminum is highly recyclable, which means that aluminum aerosol cans can be recycled and reused. Recycling aluminum saves energy and resources, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Reduced Product Waste

Aerosol cans allow consumers to use products efficiently, minimizing waste. The controlled dispensing mechanism ensures that users can apply the product precisely without overusing it.


Manufacturers can innovate with different shapes, sizes, and dispensing mechanisms, providing consumers with convenient and user-friendly packaging solutions.

Highlisghts Of Aluminumrock’s Aluminum Aerosol Cans

We have proven techniques to ensure the safety of aluminum aerosol cans for special market requirements.

As for the mouth of the aluminium aerosol cans,  we can make the secondary machining on the curl, To make. More. Flat they use the usual design which can enhance the tightness matching with the valve.


For aluminum oxygen cans we will require much higher pressure.

The thickness is 0.3-0.5 mm for normal aluminum aerosol cans and the defamation pressure is 14 to 16 bars, we can’t make the tone ever so cans in thickness 0.6 MM to improve the formation pressure to be 25 – 32 bars, which can be widely used for oxygen and fire extinguisher.

  • Hi-definition printing; no labels needed
  • 8-color printing
  • Various finishes available including matte, semi-matte, gloss, pearlescent, and metallic.
  • All cans have a standard 1” opening
  • Variety of specs available: DOT-2Q, DOT-2P
  • Rolled or machined curls/bead
  • Variety of internal coatings including BPANI, epoxy phenolic gold (or pigmented), PAM (polyamide-imide), organosol

The Shapes And Specifications Of Our Aluminum Aerosol Can


Available Sizes

Available sizes of aluminum aerosol cans are bottle diameter ranges from 22mm – 66mm, height ranges 100mm – 240mm with 1’’ opening.

No matter the typical types like oval, round, shaped, rim shoulder, transfer shoulder, flat shoulder, crimp flat shoulder, gorge, or customized types, we are open to work.

Available Sizes

Bottle Diameter(mm)

Height Range(mm)


22 – 66

100 – 240




Top Rated Aluminum Aerosol Cans


  • Material: 99.7% aluminum
  • Dia(mm): 22, 25, 28, 35, 38, 40, 45, 50, 53, 55, 59, 66
  • Can Height Range(mm): 110 to 240mm
  • Finish: matte, semi-matte, gloss, pearlescent, and metallic.
  • Usage: Skincare, household, industry
  • MOQ: 10,000 PCS


  • Material: 99.7% aluminum
  • Dia(mm): 50, 53
  • Can Height Range(mm): 100 to 235mm
  • Finish: matte, semi-matte, gloss, pearlescent, and metallic.
  • Usage: Skincare, household, industry, pharmaceutical use
  • MOQ: 10,000 PCS


  • Material: 99.7% aluminum
  • Dia(mm): 50, 53
  • Can Height Range(mm): 110 to 235mm
  • Finish: matte, semi-matte, gloss, pearlescent, and metallic.
  • Usage: Skincare, household, industry, pharmaceutical use
  • MOQ: 10,000 PCS


  • Material: 99.7% aluminum
  • Dia(mm): 50, 53
  • Can Height Range(mm): 110 to 235mm
  • Finish: matte, semi-matte, gloss, pearlescent, and metallic.
  • Usage: Skincare, household, industry, pharmaceutical use
  • MOQ: 10,000 PCS


  • Material: 99.7% aluminum
  • Dia(mm): 35, 45 50, 53, 59
  • Can Height Range(mm): 70 to 235mm
  • Finish: matte, semi-matte, gloss, pearlescent, and metallic.
  • Usage: Food, Skincare, household, industry
  • MOQ: 10,000 PCS


  • Material: 99.7% aluminum
  • Dia(mm): 35, 45 50, 53, 59
  • Can Height Range(mm): 70 to 235mm
  • Finish: matte, semi-matte, gloss, pearlescent, and metallic.
  • Usage: Skincare, household, industry, pharmaceutical use
  • MOQ: 10,000 PCS


  • Material: 99.7% aluminum
  • Dia(mm): 40, 45, 50, 53
  • Can Height Range(mm): 90 to 235mm
  • Finish: matte, semi-matte, gloss, pearlescent, and metallic.
  • Usage: Skincare, household, industry, pharmaceutical use
  • MOQ: 10,000 PCS


  • Material: 99.7% aluminum
  • Dia(mm): 45, 50, 53
  • Can Height Range(mm): 100 to 235mm
  • Finish: matte, semi-matte, gloss, pearlescent, and metallic.
  • Usage: Food, Skincare, household, industry
  • MOQ: 10,000 PCS

Cases We Have Worked For

Ultimate Guide Of Aluminum Aerosol Can

What is Aluminum Aerosol Can?

An aluminum aerosol can is a special type of container made from a lightweight metal called aluminum.

Aluminumrock aerosol can with different printing

It’s designed to hold and spray out various products like deodorants, air fresheners, and paints.

The can has a valve and a button on top. When you press the button, the valve releases the product inside in the form of a spray, foam, or mist.

Aluminum cans are strong, yet light, which makes them easy to carry and use.


They are used for lots of different things you might find around your home, and they’re also good for the environment because they can be recycled and used again.

How To Make Aluminum Aerosol Can

Watch The Workflow Video To Know Our automatic Production Details.

Step 1: Pre-treatment Aluminum Slug Stamping, Forming (Cold Pressing)

Step 2: Trimming And Polishing

Step 3: Cleaning + Drying

STEP4. Washing

Wash the aluminium cosmetic containers is to clear the complete containers, then it is available to coating in the following step. The aluminum containers will be wahsed automaticly.

Step 4: Inner Coating Spraying (FDA BPA FREE) + Drying

Step 5: Curling Oven Priming

Step 6: Base Coating + Drying

Step 7: 8 Color Printing + Drying

Step 8: Varnishing (Matte, Semi-matte, Gloss, Pearlescent, And Metallic)

Step 9: Necking And Curling (36 Positions At High Speeds)

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Aluminumrock Facilities

Valves And Dip Tubs Of Aluminum Aerosol Can

What Are The Differences Between One-element And Two-element Aluminum Aerosol Can?

One-Element Aluminum Aerosol Can


Material: Made from a single piece of aluminum.

Production Process: Manufactured using a single body drawing and wall ironing process.

Seams: There is only one seam at the back where the sheet is welded together.

Strength: Generally less robust due to the single-layer construction.

Cost: Usually cheaper to produce due to simpler manufacturing.

Applications: Commonly used for lightweight products like air fresheners, deodorants, and hairsprays.

Two-Element Aluminum Aerosol Can


Material: Comprises two separate pieces – the body and the dome/lid.

Production Process: Requires separate manufacturing of body and lid components, which are then assembled.

Seams: Has two seams – one at the back and another at the top where the dome is attached.

Strength: Typically stronger and more durable due to the reinforced construction.

Cost: Relatively higher production cost due to the additional components and assembly process.

Applications: Suitable for products requiring extra strength and stability, such as paints, automotive products, and industrial sprays.


One-Element Aluminum Can

Two-Element Aluminum Can


Single piece of aluminum

Two separate components

Production Process

Single body drawing

Separate body and lid manufacturing, assembly required


One seam at the back

Two seams (back and top)


Less robust

Stronger and more durable


Generally lower

Relatively higher


Lightweight products

Products requiring extra strength and stability

How To Choose Your Valves For Aluminum Aerosol Can?

When it comes to aerosol valves, they are categorized into two main types:

One-element and Two-element

aluminumrock aluminum-aerosol can valve on bag

One-element aerosols consist of :

a tank, valve, outer cap, push button, ejector, and material body

Aerosol valves typically have seven parts:

sealing cup, outer gasket, inner gasket, valve stem, spring, valve chamber, and suction tube.

Considering various materials, sizes, and structures, valves can have numerous variations, reaching tens of billions in theory.


In a one-element aerosol, the material body is mixed with the projectile.

However, this method may cause issues like leftover material or inconsistent spraying, limiting the usage angles.

While two-element aerosols include

a can, valve, multi-layer aluminum bag, outer cover, push button, material body, and compressed gas.

On the other hand, two-element valves offer advantages such as:

  • protecting the contents
  • versatile spraying angles
  • vacuum-sealed valve bags
  • reduced the need for
  • preservatives
  • stable ejection
  • lower residual material.

For your valve needs, Aluminumrcock aerosol can factory offers a variety of styles to cater to different requirements, including aerosol dosing valves, continuous valves, one-element valves, and binary valves.


Types Of Valves

The most commonly used valves are continuous valves and male valves.


Normally there are 6 types of common valves as below:

  1. Bag On Valve
  2. Female Valve
  3. Metered Dose
  4. 360° (Up/Down Valve)
  5. 20mm Valve
  6. Lighter Refill Valve



Aluminumrock Components-Of-Valve

Bag On Valve

Bag-On-Valve (BOV) technology revolutionizes product dispensing by ensuring ultimate purity through a separation of the product from the propellant.

aluminumrock aluminum-aerosol can valve on bagEmploying eco-conscious methods, this system employs compressed air or nitrogen outside the bag, facilitating eco-friendly dispensing.

Factory-Price-Aluminumrock Aluminum-Aerosol-Nasal-Spray-Can-with-Bov-Valve

The continuous spray valves offered are incredibly versatile, catering to a wide array of applications.

Female Valve

Maximum flexibility reigns supreme.

Crafted for products ranging from paints to automotive and home care solutions, these valves integrate the stem orifice into the actuator, allowing for varied spray characteristics through simple actuator changes.

Aluminumrock female-valve-and-male-valve-for-bag-on-valve

These valves prove invaluable for products prone to clogging issues.

Metered Dose

a meticulously designed solution ensuring precise product dosage with every actuation. One Inch Aerosol Metered Valve

Varying in dosage sizes, these valves incorporate special actuators for optimal performance, offering consistency and reliability.

360° (Up/Down Valve)

stands as the epitome of reliability.

Whether the can is oriented upright or upside down, this valve delivers a consistent spray, ensuring dependable functionality regardless of positioning.

20mm Valve

In the realm of valve sizes, the 20mm Valve emerges as a specialized solution.

While standard valves measure 1 inch (25.4mm), the 20mm Valve is meticulously crafted for containers with 20mm openings. 20-mm-metering-valve-plastic-stem

It seamlessly integrates with pressure gassing methods, offering efficient performance. Its adaptability extends to under-the-cup gassing techniques, showcasing its versatility in various applications.

Lighter Refill Valve

It caters specifically to gas lighter refills. Its unique stem design ensures seamless refilling, providing a tailored solution for this specific application. One Inch Aerosol Metered Valve 

Crafted with precision, this valve simplifies the process of replenishing gas lighters, showcasing innovation in its purest form.

Types Of Actuators


Most aerosol cans are activated by pressing a button on the top of the can, which opens a valve.

Here are some common types of actuators for aluminum aerosol cans:

  1. Button Actuator
  2. Spray Cap Actuator
  3. Nozzle Actuator
  4. Foam Actuator
  5. Gel Actuator
  6. Mist Actuator
  7. Trigger Actuator


    The choice of actuator depends on the type of product and the desired application method.

    Aluminumrock-aluminum-aerosol-can-actuators-long Aluminumrock-aluminum-aerosol-can-actuators-long-neck
    Different actuators cater to specific consumer needs, ensuring efficient and convenient product dispensing.

Types Of Caps

pharmacy Aluminumrock aerosol can

The function of the cap is to seal the can and preserve its contents until the product is used. In addition, it acts as a decoration.

Some caps can be used as actuators for different products.

  1. Dome Caps
  2. Flat Caps
  3. Concave Caps
  4. Tamper-Evident Caps
  5. Child-resistant Caps
  6. Spray Caps
  7. Valve Caps
  8. Over Caps

Available Active Ingredient

The active ingredient in an aerosol product can vary widely depending on the intended use of the product.

For example:


Active ingredients often include compounds like aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex glycine, which help reduce sweat and control body odor.


Active ingredients can include pyrethroids or other chemicals designed to repel or kill insects.

Spray Paints:

Active ingredients include pigments, solvents, and binders that create the paint and allow it to adhere to surfaces.


Hair Sprays:

Active ingredients can include polymers and solvents that help in styling and holding the hair in place.

Available Propellant

The propellant in aerosol products is the compressed or liquefied gas that helps to expel the product from the can when the valve is pressed.

In the context of aluminum aerosol cans, the propellant is typically a liquefied gas stored under pressure.

Common propellants used in aerosol products, including those contained in aluminum aerosol cans, include:

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Dimethyl Ether (DME)
  • Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)
  • Compressed Air/Nitrogen


Aluminum Aerosol Can 2Q Certified Manufacturer

We’re proud to be a top manufacturer of aluminum aerosol cans with the DOT-2Q certification.


This means our cans meet strict standards set by the Department of Transportation (DOT) in the USA. We excel in dimensions, materials, manufacturing, thickness, testing, and markings.

Join us in raising the bar for aerosol can manufacturing. Trust in our quality and compliance with our DOT-2Q-certified aluminum aerosol cans.

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Available Accessories


How An Aluminum Aerosol Can Work?

An aluminum aerosol can is like a small, pressurized container. Inside the can, there’s a product like deodorant or spray paint, and it’s mixed with gas or liquid.

how valve work

When you press the button on top, it opens a valve.

The pressure inside the can pushes the product out through the valve, creating a fine spray or mist you can use.

Aluminumrock Aerosol-Measurement-Techniques

It’s like magic in a can, making things easy to spray with just a push!

Non-Propellant Aerosol Can

  1. Non-Aerosol Can (Spray Pump Can)

A non-propellant aerosol can, often called a spray pump can, doesn’t rely on gas or pressure to work.

Unlike traditional aerosol cans with buttons, these cans have a pump on top.

aluminumrock aluminum-aerosol can for fire hydran

When you press the pump, it sprays the product without needing gas.

It’s an eco-friendly and straightforward way to spray things, similar to use a regular spray bottle.

2. Bag On Valve (BoV)

A Bag On Valve (BoV) system is a type of non-propellant aerosol can design.

In this system, the product is placed in a bag, and the bag is then placed inside the can.


The space between the can and the bag is filled with air or nitrogen, creating pressure. When the valve is pressed, the pressure forces the product out through the valve, allowing it to be sprayed.


BoV systems are often used for products like creams, lotions, and medical sprays, providing a reliable and hygienic way to dispense various substances.

Bag On Valve Aerosol Cans Vs Traditional Aerosol Cans


Bag On Valve (BoV) Aerosol Cans


Traditional Aerosol Cans



The product is contained in a bag inside the can, separated from the propellant.

Product and propellant are mixed in the can.

Use Angle

Sprays consistently from any angle, including upside down.

Spray consistency may vary, especially at extreme angles.


Efficient use of the product with minimal waste.

This may result in some products being left unused due to propellant issues.

Product Integrity

Preserves product integrity by preventing contact with propellant gases.

The product can degrade over time due to interaction with propellants.


Minimizes the risk of contamination as the product is sealed within the bag.

Prone to contamination due to product-propellant interaction.

Product Integrity

Preserves product integrity by preventing contact with propellant gases.

The product can degrade over time due to interaction with propellants.


Propellants first, then ingredient

Ingredient first, then propellants

Jet Sound


Typically generates a louder and sharper spray sound.


Generally higher initial cost due to advanced technology.

Lower initial cost, but ongoing propellant refills add expenses.


How To Fill An Aluminum Aerosol Can?

Filling an aluminum aerosol can involves a carefully controlled process to ensure the product is properly sealed, and the can is pressurized safely.


Here is a general overview of the steps involved in filling an aluminum aerosol can:

  • Step 1:  Placing of valve and bag inside the can
  • Step 2: Crimping and under the cup or through the valve gassing
  • Step 3:  Pressure control 
  • Step 4:  Product filling in the bag and weight control
  • Step 5: Actuator and cap placement, ready to use

bov-filling-process of aluminum aerosol can aluminumrock

Aluminum Aerosol Can Perfect In Markets

Aluminum Aerosol Cans Personal Care Market


More than 50% market in the world is classified into hair care, personal care, and body care.


Aluminum Aerosol Cans Household Market


Over 20% market in the world is classified into homecare, maintenance.

Aluminum Aerosol Cans Food Market


Luxury and good performance for food market.

Aluminum Aerosol Cans Industrial Market


Over 10% market in the world is classified into care, maintenance, paints.

Aluminum Aerosol Cans Pharmaceutical Market


Over 5% of overall production in the world, better performance for  certain pharmaceutical ingredients.


FAQ About Aluminum Aerosol Can

We have the capacity to print up to 8 colors. Our dry-offset is no process colors (we will not mix colors on the press to achieve a color).

Bingo, you are here. Aluminumrock as a  DOT-2Q-certified manufacturer have suppliered over 50millions to North and South America, you can print our DOT-2Q number on you can to perfect sale in your market. 

Yes, You can get cans with this rating, but only upon request.

It’s a European label that goes beyond the DOT-2Q standards for buckling/bursting, but the US Department of Transportation doesn’t officially recognize it.

Cans rated at 18 bar can handle at least 261 psig without buckling and 313 psig without bursting.

Sorry, We don’t have recycled aluminum only original material. 


Aluminum aerosol cans feel cold when you touch them because aluminum is really good at moving heat away.

It’s like when you touch a metal spoon and it feels cold – the aluminum in the can is doing the same thing.

Your hand’s warmth gets pulled into the metal, making it feel cool. Remember, the aluminum isn’t making the cold itself, it’s just taking the warmth from your skin and making the can feel chilly compared to your body heat.

So, when you touch an aluminum can, it’s not really getting cold; it just seems that way.

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