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Top 8 Aluminum Cosmetic Bottles Manufacturers In China

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Hi, I’m the author of this post, and I have been in this field for 5 years. If you want to import, wholesale and custom aluminum cosmetic containers, jars and tubes, please feel free to ask me any questions!


In the world today, aluminum bottles and packages are trending in the cosmetic world. This is because of its many benefits. Like being lightweight, durable, and seamless. They are luxurious and offer protection for their content.


These are not all the benefits. Customization is one of the important abilities of aluminum bottles. Customizing aluminum containers is quite expensive. It is the reason most clients prefer Chinese companies.


It’s quite easy to find Chinese suppliers on Indiamart, Alibaba, or any other platform. But, it is also very difficult to get a very good and reliable one.


A lot of Chinese customization companies have a wide variety of cosmetic products. Aluminum cosmetic packages are not their only products.


Most of them recently added Aluminum cosmetic materials to their inventory. As a result, during customization, their printing lacks professionalism.


Making a professional and reliable aluminum cosmetic bottle customization company is important. They are hard to find. But we have done the hard work for you.


Here we list the top 8 aluminum cosmetic bottles customization companies in china are:

  1. AluminumRock
  2. Shining Aluminum Packaging
  3. B.I. Industrial
  4. E-better Packing
  5. Ever Bright Industrial
  6. Sky Commodity
  7. Passen Pack
  8. Merrynewon Daily Necessities



Location: Zhejiang(Province), China

Company type: Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler

Year founded: 2017

The number of employees: 10 to 20

Main product: Aluminum cosmetic bottles, tubes, containers, cans, etc.

Other products: Atomizers, Aerosol cans, trigger sprayers, pumps, etc.

aluminumrock page

At AluminumRock, quality is important as they always give their clients the best.  As a leading aluminium bottle manufacturer and aluminum bottle wholesaler, they provide almost all types of shapes and colors with market-proven printing methods – heat transfer, offset printing, UV coating, and silkscreen.


Their clients get an opportunity for a one-on-one inspection for all batch production. They also get access to a complete review, which reduces defect rates. Their quote solutions are good and cheap, the same as their product prices. Which are 50% lower than the prices from other companies.


CRC cap is also available here for your special need. 


With AluminumRock, any inconvenience you have will be 100% compensated for. Giving you a 100% money-back guarantee.


You cannot say for some other Chinese manufacturers and suppliers out there.

AluminumRock has Lightning-Fast Delivery and a Low MOQ.


Advantages: Specializes in professional manufacture and customization of aluminum cosmetic bottles. The likes of aluminum cosmetic bottles, tubes, cans, and aluminum perfume atomizers. They may be for Household, Personal care, Fragrance & Cosmetics Products. Their advantages also include:

  • Quick Response
  • Offer tailor-made solutions
  • Less impact on the environment
  • Certificates Proven
  • Online Audit
  • Design On-Demand



SHINING Aluminum Packaging

Location: Zhejiang(Province), China

Company type: Manufacturing and Packaging Company

Year founded: 2010

The number of employees: 10 to 20

Main product: Aluminum packaging materials like cans, jars, tubes, etc.

Other products: Aerosol cans, Canisters, Pumps, Spray, etc.


SHINING Aluminum Packaging is one of the global leaders in customizing aluminum bottles. They have over the years satisfied the expectations and needs of their customers. Which includes most of the world’s most popular brands.


Their variety of aluminum bottles, aerosol cans, jars, tubes, and cups is impressive. And they offer specific customization in size, shape, and type of printing. They offer offset, silk, heat transfer, and hot stamping printing. Not to mention those 3D renderings for aluminum containers and bottles.


Advantages: Specializes in customizing aluminum containers packages for food, skincare, and other products.

  • They offer several types of printing.
  • They do business with both small, medium, and large-scale businesses.
  • They have the option of 3D designs on aluminum packaging




Location: Zhejiang(Province), China

Company type: Manufacturer

Year founded: 2003

The number of employees: 20 to 30

Main product: Cosmetic aluminum packaging and Perfume packaging

Other products: Airless jar, glass containers, lotion pumps, sprayers, etc.


B.I. packaging specializes in aluminum packaging for fragrance and cosmetics. They have almost 20 years experience. They are one of the leaders in the aluminum customization industry in Asia. They have within the years expanded to America and Europe.


The foundation of B.I. Packaging is Innovation. With a mission to ensure their customers get quality solutions at competitive prices.


They base their products on customers’ choices and requirements. They rely on their years’ experience to deliver high-quality products and services. These they do maintain their client’s confidence.


B.I. Packaging has a wide variety of new designs and collections of aluminum containers. Their aluminum bottles are very adaptive. And can undergo successful adaptation to a growing market. They do global supply of their products, and at a competitive price.


Their solutions are tailor-made to fit their clients’ desires. They focus on innovation and details. And also in bringing their customers’ concepts to reality.


B.I. Packaging does not only do business with its clients. They have an interest in fostering a long-lasting relationship with them. As they have done in time past with top successful cosmetic and fragrance brands.


Advantages: Specializes in customizing a wide range of cosmetic packaging materials. Although they focus on glass cosmetic packaging material.

  • Worked with Successful Cosmetic brands
  • Offer tailor-made solutions
  • Have a variety of designs you can pick from



E-better Packing

Location: Jiangyin City, Jiangsu, China

Company type: Manufacturer

Year founded: 2010

The number of employees: 20 to 30

Main product: Aluminum bottles, Perfume Bottles,

Other products: Plastic jars, perfume atomizers, cosmetic bottles, inhalers, etc.  


E-better Packing Co., Ltd. is among China’s leading manufacturers of aluminum bottles. They also manufacture atomizers, jars, and other containers. Their products are global and used by popular brands. They may be for beverages, food, cosmetics, household, industrial, and pharmaceutical products.  


Their products are also made from virgin aluminum and plastic raw materials. They win the admiration of their customers because they are 100% recyclable. And also because they have certifications from the FDA, SGS, etc.


As a need to produce high-quality materials, their facilities have high-quality equipment. The reason most people trust their products worldwide. Especially in Eastern Asia, North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Central America.


E-better Packing has a guiding principle that enables them to keep up with quality. These principles are fast delivery, high quality, professional services, and optimal cooperation. All these they do to ensure their customers’ satisfaction. And also win them over to become long-term partners with them.


Advantages: specializes in customizing a wide range of materials of cosmetic packages. Their primary focus is on Perfume atomizers.



Ever Bright Industrial

Location: Nanchang, China

Company type: Manufacturing and Supplying Company

Year founded: 2010

The number of employees: 30 to 50

Main product: Aluminum Screw Bottle, Aerosol Can, Beverage Can, and Aluminum Tube.

Other products: Perfume Atomizer, plastic packaging containers, etc.


Ever Bright Industrial is also known as EBI. It is an aluminum packaging customization company in China. They show lots of commitment to developing and designing sustainable packaging solutions. Their target customers are all over the world.


Aside from customization, EBI also offers online consulting services for its customers. They are experts in delivering professional solutions and giving prompt feedback.


Ever Bright Industrial also offers end-to-end services for their customers. They offer aluminum packaging, graphic design, development, engineering, manufacturing, and filling. They also help to handle the logistics of aluminum packaging containers.


Some of their products are good for cosmetics and fragrance. And also for personal care products. They are good for the food, beverages, and healthcare industries.


They do not only deal with aluminum containers and tubes. They also deal with plastic. They weigh the impact of any design or production on the environment. Before proceeding with the production.


Ever Bright has in-house manufacturing capabilities. They also deliver quality, agile service, and operational excellence.


Advantages: they specialize in customizing a wide range of cosmetic packaging materials. Although their primary focus is on aerosol cans. Some other advantages include:

  • Molding services available
  • High-quality products
  • Operational excellence
  • Agile customer service

Sky Commodity

Location: Zhejiang(Province), China

Company type: Manufacturing and Customization Company

Year founded: 2006

The number of employees: More than 10

Main product: Aluminum Bottles and Cosmetic packages

Other products: Tubes, Plastic Jars, Airless bottles, PET bottles, etc.


Sky Commodity is also known as Yuyao Sky Commodity Co.,Ltd. It is a modern cosmetic aluminum customization enterprise. It came into existence in 2006.


They operate on research, development, and sales of cosmetics packaging products. This they do meet the needs and requirements of their customers.


They deal with delivering high-end cosmetics and daily necessities. They also deal with the development and sales of cosmetic packaging products. And also products used in beauty salons.


They create and design containers for a variety of products. Like micro sprayers, cream, and perfume bottles. They also create and develop containers for essential oil and nail polish.

Yuyao Sky Commodity is an expert in manufacturing these aluminum packages. They also have the right to export them. They work towards establishing strong alliances with the world at large.


They have an enterprise spirit of innovation and quality. And they are keen on pursuing new and awesome concepts. These they do to achieve an advanced idea of management. And also to establish long-standing partnerships with their clients.


Advantages: Aside from customizing a wide range of materials used for cosmetic packages. Sky Commodity also manufactures the caps and closures too. They also have exporting rights to many parts of the world. There are lots of different varieties to pick from. You only have to pick the one that suits your taste.



Passen Pack

Location: Ningbo City, Zhejiang(Province), China

Company type: Manufacturer

Year founded: 2009

The number of employees: Up to 30

Main product: Aluminum cosmetic packaging materials (Jar, Can, Bottles)

Other products: Collapsible tube, PET bottle


Passen Pack Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. And since then, it has given its all to serve its clients. This aluminum bottle customization company is professional in manufacturing cosmetic packaging products. They also manufacture food packaging products. Their products vary. And may include aluminum bottles, cans, jars, tubes, and others.


They have two factories which are in Ningbo city. One specializes in aluminum packaging products. The other specializes in plastic packaging products. But, the two factories still belong to Passen Pack Co., Ltd.


Their factories have advanced equipment and innovative solutions. They have different workshops for the different stages of customization. They have production workshops and painting workshops. The painting workshops contain some high-class equipment for inner coating painting. They also have machines for the different types of aluminum container printing. Like silkscreen, heat transfer, offset, and several others.


Passen Pack Co., Ltd., boasts of good quality products and top-notch professional services.


Their aluminum packaging material is 100% virgin material. They are recyclable and have a less environmental impact. They also offer ODM and OEM services. This is to meet their customers’ needs.


Advantages: they customize a wide range of materials for cosmetic packages.

  • Offer OEM and ODM services
  • Quick response
  • Offer different kinds of exterior finishing



Merrynewon Daily Necessities

Location: Guangzhou, China

Company type: Customization, Wholesale, and Trading Company

Year founded: 2017

The number of employees: Up to 30

Main product: Aluminum cosmetic Cans and Boxes

Other products: Glass Jar, PER jar, Lipstick tube, etc.


Guangzhou Merrynewon Daily Commodity Co., Ltd. is a Chinese customization company operating from Alibaba.


The company provides high-quality aluminum packaging designs and solutions. Their main focus is on the production of aluminum containers. Like bottles, cans, and boxes.


Their products are good for food, daily necessities, and cosmetics. They also have medicine, pharmaceuticals, and products for other industries.


Advantages: Aside from Customization, Merrynewon also sells wholesale. They have lots of cosmetic packaging materials available at wholesale prices.




In China, there are lots of aluminum packaging customization companies. But finding a good and reliable one becomes a tedious task.


This is why this list of the top 8 customization companies in china is good for you.


To make your aluminum cosmetic bottles customization easier and smoother.

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