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Top 10 Aluminium Cosmetic Packaging Wholesalers in the U.K

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Olivia Lee

Hi, I’m the author of this post, and I have been in this field for 5 years. If you want to import, wholesale and custom aluminum cosmetic containers, jars and tubes, please feel free to ask me any questions!


It is so important to choose aluminium cosmetic packaging as it’s infinitely recyclable, lightweight, and luxurious. The aluminium container and tin are growing more and more popular during these 2 years, the total volume in the U.K is not so big, most of the cosmetic container or cosmetic packaging suppliers still mainly wholesale the plastic and glass containers, most of them provide the silkscreen printing service.


However, most of the cosmetic packaging wholesalers source their containers from China, after some simple research on the aluminium cosmetic containers, most of them are available to do the customization of aluminium cosmetic bottles, jars, and tubes.


Here we have listed 10 must-know U.K aluminium cosmetic packaging suppliers according to the google analysis and the advantages.

  1. AluminumRock 
  2. Ampulla
  3. Roberts Metal Packaging
  4. World of bottles
  5. Bottle store
  6. Cosmiko
  7. The Soap Kitchen
  8. Dormex
  9. Involvement Packaging
  10. The bottle warehouse
  11. SelectPackaging


Location: Zhejiang(Province), China

Company type: Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler

Year founded: 2017

The number of employees: 10 to 20

Main product: Aluminum cosmetic bottles, tubes, containers, cans, etc.

Other products: Atomizers, Aerosol cans, trigger sprayers, pumps, etc.

aluminumrock page


At AluminumRock, quality is important as they always give their clients the best.  As a leading aluminium bottle manufacturer and aluminum bottle wholesaler, they provide almost all types of shapes and colors with market-proven printing methods – heat transfer, offset printing, UV coating, and silkscreen.


Their clients get an opportunity for a one-on-one inspection for all batch production. They also get access to a complete review, which reduces defect rates. Their quote solutions are good and cheap, the same as their product prices. Which are 50% lower than the prices from other companies.


CRC cap is also available here for your special need. 


With AluminumRock, any inconvenience you have will be 100% compensated for. Giving you a 100% money-back guarantee.


You cannot say for some other Chinese manufacturers and suppliers out there.

AluminumRock has Lightning-Fast Delivery and a Low MOQ.


Advantages: Specializes in professional manufacture and customization of aluminum cosmetic bottles. The likes of aluminum cosmetic bottles, tubes, cans, and aluminum perfume atomizers. They may be for Household, Personal care, Fragrance & Cosmetics Products. Their advantages also include:

  • Quick Response
  • Offer tailor-made solutions
  • Less impact on the environment
  • Certificates Proven
  • Online Audit
  • Design On-Demand


Ampulla LTD

Location: Hyde, Greater Manchester, UK.

Company type: Packaging and Container Manufacturing

Year founded: 2006

The number of employees: 11 – 50

Main product: Plastic Packaging

Other Products: Glass and Aluminium Packaging

Simple Instruction of This Company: Ampulla is a family-owned business that has become synonymous with flexibility, efficiency, and friendliness within the international cosmetic packaging wholesale community. Their track record shows that, with them, you’re sure of getting exactly what you want at the exact time that you want it.




Also to their credit is the availability of a wide selection of packaging in glass, plastic, and aluminium. That’s not all, you can freely choose from this large variety of products. The company does not operate any restrictive minimum quantity of orders. Certainly, you won’t be wrong to make them your go-to packaging supplier.


Besides all this, Ampulla gives you enough rein to monitor the quality of what you’re ordering. In fact, you can first order samples. That’ll allow you time to try out the product so that you can be sure what you’re ordering is compatible with your product.


Advantages: Ampulla LTD produces and supplies stylish aluminium cosmetic packaging that comes in different shapes, sizes, and qualities. Beyond the beauty, Ampulla aluminium containers are adaptable to diverse use, depending on your needs. They have aluminum tubes, jars, and bottles. And all of these products are EPA resin protected so that you’re sure your product doesn’t get contaminated.



Ampulla LTD’s online store makes ordering your aluminium cosmetic packaging hassle-free. And their efficient delivery network within the UK and Europe is designed to always serve your best interest.


Finally, it’s wise that you consider bulk ordering so that you can enjoy their price-graded discount.


Provide with Customization Service: Printing/Customization services are not available.



Roberts Metal Packaging

Location: Thamesmead, London

Company Type: Packaging and Containers Manufacturing

Year Founded: 1895

The Number of Employees: 51 – 200

Main Product: Pre-threaded screw-caps, Aluminium Containers

Other Products: Godets, Aluminium containers, and Tinplate containers

Simple Instruction of This Company: Roberts Metal Packaging is a highly decorated cosmetic packaging wholesaler with many awards of recognition in its coffers. Seriously, that’s nothing to gloss over. There are tons of companies in the packaging and cosmetic manufacturing industry. You’ve got to be good to win awards in a string like they do at Roberts.




Their 30,000 sq ft manufacturing facility churns out products at staggeringly unimaginable numbers which make mincemeat of tough deadlines. This is without any prejudice to the quality of their products. But for a company that has been on the job for well over a century, nothing less would have been acceptable.


You can turn to Roberts Metal Packaging for all your aluminum packaging needs; you can’t just get it wrong with them.


Advantages: They provide bespoke design services that stand your cosmetic products out in a crowd. They can help you decorate your aluminum tubs or style your aerosol aluminium cans for perfume. Whether you’re a start-up or you’re an already established business, Roberts Metal Packaging has a window that fits you well. They offer high-quality and hygienic aluminium packaging that suits every budget, large or small. 




Provide with Customization Service: Printing/Customization services are available in the forms of embossing/de-bossing, litho-printing, both matt and gloss, and color coating. However, varying degrees of Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) apply to each of their customization services.



World of Bottles

Location: Ransbach-Baumbach, Germany.

Company Type: Packaging and Containers Manufacturing

Year Founded: Not Available

The Number of Employees: Not Available

Main Product: Glass Bottles and PET bottles, stoppers

Other Products: Aluminium bottles, accessories

Simple Instruction of This Company: First of all, you need to know that World of Bottles is not a UK company, though it has a dot co, dot UK email address. Well, with that out of the way, let’s see how this imposing giant in the bottle and aluminum packaging world has scaled the hurdles of geographical location.




World of Bottles ships all orders with DPD or DHL. Though that may mean you’re paying a few more pounds, the service is fast, safe, and efficient. All things being equal, your orders will be delivered within 3 – 7 working days.


Advantages: At World of Bottles, there is no Minimum Order Quantity, so you hold all the trumps. Whatever your budget is capable of ordering, no matter how small, is regarded highly here. Though buying in high quantities will give you a fat advantage under their volume pricing scales.




Another advantage that might interest you is their huge catalog with over 5000 products and varieties. They have lined up, aluminium cosmetic bottles, bottle tops, jar covers, and tubs. Agreed, this may make choosing challenging but it’s always overwhelmingly satisfactory in the end.


Provide with Customization Service: Customised Printing on bottles and containers is available (décor onto bottles). Also available are customized bottle mold designs in different shapes and with different motifs. Their printing can be silk-screen, monochrome, or 2-colour.


The following are the minimum quantities for printing:

Single-colour printing: 50 pieces and above

Two-color printing: 100 pieces and above

Location: Union, New Jersey, USA

Company Type: Packaging and Containers Manufacturing

Year Founded: 1910

The Number of Employees: 51 – 200

Main Product: Packaging, Containers, Bottles, cosmetic packaging wholesale, caps, and closures.

Other Products: Health, Food, Home, Industrial, Hospitality, and Beverages

Simple Instruction of This Company: Bottle Store is a US-based packaging company with specialties in plastic, glass, and aluminum containers. It’s a company that has garnered more than a century’s experience in the industry. Though most of their efforts are geared towards hospitality and food, cosmetic container/packaging seekers will definitely have a field day going through their catalog.




Bottle Store has an intimidating online presence that projects the best practices in the packaging industry. With a visit to their official website, you can effortlessly place your orders with a few clicks…and the rest is history. That’s what we call world-class professionalism.


Advantages: One of the many advantages of using this company is its effective shipping options. You can choose to use UPS Parcel or Freight shipping. Either of the two options has its pros and cons and it all depends on you and what you’re buying. Along with this, they offer free shipping for all orders that weigh below 200 pounds. Their customers enjoy access to a wide variety of aluminium products like aluminium cosmetic containers, aluminium closure, aluminium metal caps, matte aluminium tops, and others. Their prices are awesome and internationally competitive. And even though their shipping arrangement is fast and reliable, they never stop upping the bar of its quality.




Provide with Customization Service: Customization is available in the form of molding styles of bottles and other containers and color coating of metal or aluminum tubs.



Cosmiko Cosmetics & Skincare

Location: Wetherby, West Yorkshire, UK

Company Type: Personal Care Product Manufacturing

Year Founded: 2012

The Number of Employees: 2 – 10

Main Product: Cosmetics, Skin Care, While Label, Lotion, Cleanser, Lip Balm

Other Products: Private Label, Branded Cosmetics, Own Label, Banded Cosmetics, Private Label Cosmetics

Simple Instruction of This Company: As the name suggests, Cosmiko Cosmetics and Skincare is an all-things-cosmetics company. They are a one-stop cosmetic shop with products ranging from aluminum to plastic. Their aluminium products include bespoke bottles and tins for creams and lip balms.




They supply a wide range of cosmetic packaging at wholesale prices. In other words, if you’re thinking of maximizing profit without sacrificing quality, they are your best shot.


Meanwhile, you can also get your aluminum containers personalized under their white label customization services. This service is relatively accessible at just 250 units starting point for orders.


One glitch in the whole setup is that Cosmiko does not supply empty packaging or just containers. You’ll have to order the cosmetic products and packaging containers together.




Advantages: Cosmiko’s aluminium containers are specifically made for cosmetics which is their primary focus. They offer aluminium tubes and jars in attractive paint options, including anodized. However, a minimum order quantity applies.


Provide with Customization Service: Cosmiko does full-color printing, laminated or textured finishing, and cello wrap for aluminum tubes, jars, and bottles. You can also get foiling and embossing printing with a matt to further customize your products.



The Soap Kitchen

Location: Bideford, Devon, UK

Company Type: Personal Care Product Manufacturing

Year Founded: 2000

The Number of Employees: 11 – 50

Main Product: Soap, Bath Bombs, Cosmetics, Toiletries

Other Products: Packaging, Ingredients, Cosmetic Bases, Fragrance Oils, Butters, Waxes, Cold Process Soap, and Melt & Pour

Simple instruction of this company: The Soap Kitchen is another personal care product manufacturing company that understandably veers into aluminum packaging. Unarguably, their well-established background in cosmetics is a big advantage to them. They produce one of the best aluminum cosmetic packagings and give you value for your money and time.




As against what some companies do, cooperating with The Soap Kitchen can either be for cosmetic products and ingredients or for packaging. Whichever it may be, one thing is constant: getting one of the highest qualities on the market at one of the lowest prices.


It doesn’t stop there. There is also their handling of your orders and deliveries. The level of expertise and professionalism The Soap Kitchen demonstrates at this stage of your cooperation with them will leave you with nothing other than praises.


Advantages: Their aluminum cosmetic packaging is coated inside with epoxy phenolic laquer. This substance protects both the aluminium container and the product inside it.


Also, when you order your cosmetic packaging wholesale from The Soap Kitchen, you will enjoy free shipping within the UK for orders above £120.


Provide with Customization Service: Customization isn’t available at The Soap Kitchen.



Dormex Containers Limited

Location: Runcorn, UK

Company Type: Packaging and Containers Manufacturing

Year Founded: 1957

The Number of Employees: 37

Main Product: Plastic Laboratory Equipment, Pharmaceutical Packaging,

Other Products: Aluminium bottles, jars, and tinplate jars

Simple Instruction of This Company: Dormex Containers Limited is a UK-based wholesale aluminum packaging supplier that prides itself on delivering anywhere in the world. Not only that, but they also make your transactions easy by accepting a wide range of currencies, from Euro to GBP.




As a wholesale distributor, they liaise with you to get your project off the ground. They offer tactical support and help neutralize seeming problems.


They have their own cost-effective transport network to deliver orders within a 15-mile radius of their factory/warehouse. This helps customers to cut expenses and increase profits.


Advantages: There is an availability of varieties and reward for your patronage. The company operates the policy of the more you buy, the less you pay.


You also enjoy the expert support from their sales team while finalizing what to buy. Depending on the points of indecision, they can help you decide on materials, colors, or brands. Even after purchases have been made, they can still perform on-site re-working to meet your specific needs, if the need arises.


Provide with Customization Service: They do screen printing but it’s based on some MOQ policy.



Invopak (Involvement Packaging)

Location: Hyde, Cheshire, UK

Company Type: Packaging and Containers Manufacturing

Year Founded: 1984

The Number of Employees: 51 – 200

Main Product: Plastic buckets and tubs, Tinplate containers, Aluminium containers, PET containers

Other Products: UN Cartons, Closures and Accessories

Simple Instruction of This Company: INVOPAK is one of the leading suppliers of aluminium packaging containers in the UK. In its over 60 years of existence, the company has extended its tentacles to diverse sectors such as food, chemical, and pharmaceuticals, but aluminium cosmetic packaging remains outstanding.




This company offers you instant online ordering. You can find all their prices online in real-time, place your orders and start tracking the progress of the order online. You’ll do all of this within a few minutes.


Advantages: There are at least 22 products on their ‘stock guarantee’. It means whenever you need these items, they are certainly always available.


Under customization, they do Small Order Print Runs, therefore, they can print ‘tests’ of as low as 2000 to 3000 on many containers.


Provide with Customization Service: Design and printing customizations are available. They offer offset printing, in-mold Labelling (IML), and Label printing.



The Bottle Warehouse

Location: Castleford, West Yorkshire, UK

Company Type: Packaging and Containers Manufacturing

 Year Founded: 2004

The Number of Employees: Not Available

Main Product: Plastic, glass & aluminium bottles & jars

Other Products: Lotion pumps, atomizers, trigger sprays & caps

Simple Instruction of This Company: The Bottle Warehouse is a leading supplier of aluminium cosmetic packaging in the UK. Their aluminum products are mostly bottles but they have more than enough aluminum tins and other aluminium containers. And all these items are contamination-proof with an EPE liner.




The Bottle Warehouse is dedicated to offering you a complete service. Cooperating with them, you’ll experience top-notched customer service and fast and reliable shipping.


Advantages: Fast dispatch of orders for delivery. The usual courier dispatched orders to arrive within 3 – 5 working days within the UK. However, there is also the next-day delivery option available within the UK.




Free delivery is available on all orders over £300, excluding VAT.


Provide with Customization Service: Customization services are not available.



Select Packaging

Location: Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, UK

Company Type: Packaging and Containers Manufacturing

Year Founded: 2012

The Number of Employees: 2 – 10

Main Product: Primary Packaging, Tubes, Jars, Aerosols

Other Products: Sticks, Flip Top Closures

Simple Instruction of This Company: Select Packaging is a big name in the aluminium cosmetic packaging industry. They are one of the few that primarily target the cosmetic and personal care industry, and one of the best.




They have a wide range of high-quality aluminium containers such as aluminium tubes, aluminium jars, aluminium aerosol cans, and aluminium tins. If you’re looking for cosmetic packaging wholesale opportunities, they are a good place to start from.


Advantages: Select Packaging offers a wide range of printing and customization services. They can print as many as 6 – 8 colors with different finishes, ranging from gloss, and matt to brushed aluminium appearance.




Also, their primary packaging, aluminum or plastic, is designed for personal care and cosmetics. Therefore, you’ll find them readily suitable for your purposes if you’re into cosmetic packaging.


Provide with Customization Service: Select Packaging offers silkscreen, offset, and flexo printings. However, there is a Minimum Order Quantity of 5,000 pieces for silkscreen printing and 10,000 pieces for offset or flexo printed aluminium tubes.




Like the rest of the world, the UK is making the best of the blessings of aluminium packaging alternatives. Therefore, there are a plethora of aluminum cosmetic packaging wholesalers. But not all of them can be trusted with the success of your cosmetic business. Some are simply imposters.


This is where this list of the top 10 aluminum cosmetic packaging wholesalers in the UK comes in. It literally saves you the nightmare of getting into ‘the wrong hands’.



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