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Top 10 Aluminium Can Manufacturers In Thailand

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Hi, I’m the author of this post, and I have been in this field for 5 years. If you want to import, wholesale and custom aluminum cosmetic containers, jars and tubes, please feel free to ask me any questions!


Aluminum containers are becoming very popular in the cosmetic industry. Because of the many benefits of aluminum. That’s why you should look for affordable manufacturers or suppliers. That will make buying aluminium cans easy. Especially those located in Thailand and China, as they are the most efficient.


To make it easier, Aluminum Rock has collected information about these companies. Both in China, and also in Thailand.


Here is a list of the top 10 manufacturers of aluminium cans in Thailand.  


Location: Zhejiang(Province), China

Company type: Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler

Year founded: 2017

The number of employees: 10 to 20

Main product: Aluminum cosmetic bottles, tubes, containers, cans, etc.

Other products: Atomizers, Aerosol cans, trigger sprayers, pumps, etc.

aluminumrock page

At AluminumRock, quality is important as they always give their clients the best.  As a leading aluminium bottle manufacturer and aluminum bottle wholesaler, they provide almost all types of shapes and colors with market-proven printing methods – heat transfer, offset printing, UV coating, and silkscreen.


Their clients get an opportunity for a one-on-one inspection for all batch production. They also get access to a complete review, which reduces defect rates. Their quote solutions are good and cheap, the same as their product prices. Which are 50% lower than the prices from other companies.


CRC cap is also available here for your special need.


With AluminumRock, any inconvenience you have will be 100% compensated for. Giving you a 100% money-back guarantee.


You cannot say for some other Chinese manufacturers and suppliers out there.


AluminumRock has Lightning-Fast Delivery and a Low MOQ (3,000 units).




Advantages: Specializes in professional manufacture and customization of aluminum cosmetic bottles. The likes of aluminum cosmetic bottles, tubes, cans, and aluminum perfume atomizers. They may be for Household, Personal care, Fragrance & Cosmetics Products. Their advantages also include:

  • Quick Response
  • Offer tailor-made solutions
  • Less impact on the environment
  • Certificates Proven
  • Online Audit
  • Design On-Demand


Location: Bangkok and Sriracha, Thailand

Company type: Manufacturer

Year founded: 1960

The number of employees: More than 1000

Main product: aluminium cans and bottles

Other products: Aluminum Collapsible Tubes, slugs, aerosol cans, and Monoblock aluminum cosmetic bottles

Provide customization (silk screen, label)service: Yes

Advantages: Employees are well experienced and their delivery is very fast.



Alucon is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminium impact extruded packaging materials in Thailand. They are so large that they make over 1.2 billion aluminium bottles in a year. With some of the aluminium bottles for cosmetic industry and businesses.


Alucon is a very large company. They deliver aluminum cans to over 40 countries. Some of which include Australia, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, and the United States.


Aluminium cosmetic bottles from Alucon are of very high quality. Your aluminum cosmetic bottles will be so pure and will be good for your business.


Alucon has two important casting lines. This is both for the manufacture of aluminum bottles for cosmetics. And also for other purposes. Even though these operations are two, they are completely integrated.


They also make their own closures and caps for their aluminum containers.



Thai Beverage Can Ltd

Location: Saraburi, Thailand

Company type: Manufacturing, Customization, and Sourcing

Year founded: 1997

The number of employees: More than 500

Main product: Beverage cans and aluminium bottles

Other products: Different kinds of cans end and tops

Provide customization (silk screen, label) service: Yes

Advantages: their production line for can ends is very fast and is up to seven.

Thai Beverage company is not only a Thailand company. It is also an American one. The company is a joint venture. And it’s between Ball Cooperation, Standard Can Company, and Berlin Jucker Company.




The three companies bring amazing benefits to their customers. Especially the Ball cooperation. Which offers technological advancements to make very quality aluminium cans.


Ball Corporation is a leader in manufacturing safe and durable aluminum cosmetic bottles. They also made another packaging for several industries.


The company’s main aim is to provide sustainable development to its customers. So you need to buy your aluminium cans with them. To get sustainable products for your cosmetic business.



Pick Pack Packaging Co., Ltd

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Company type:  Distributor and Retailer

Year founded: 2016

The number of employees: 10 to 50

Main Product: Packaging Solutions

Other products: glass containers, aluminum bottles, plastic bottles, vials, injections, etc.

Provide customization (silk screen, label) service: Yes

Advantages: They have a Learning Center, where you can learn everything about the processes involved in packaging from the beginning to the end.


Pick Pack company is a brand distributor in packaging production, branding, and design. They are also concerned with supply and distribution offering very superior services.





One of the most exciting services they offer is their Learning Center, where you can learn everything about the packaging process.


The company understands how good packaging helps to grow your brand and expand your business.


So they ensure your packages with them are of very high quality.




Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Company type: Customization, Manufacturing, and Distribution company

Year founded: 1970

The number of employees: more than 100

Main product: aluminium bottles for cosmetics

Other products: Powder cases and plastic containers. Other metal containers aside from aluminum cosmetic containers. And auto parts

Provide customization (silk screen, label) service: Yes

Advantages: offer different kinds of customization services for aluminum cosmetic packaging. They range from debossing, embossing, and UV coating. They also produce aluminium cosmetic bottles to increase your quality of life.



This is another top-notch company that makes aluminium bottles for cosmetic packaging. Aside from making, they are also distributors and customizers of aluminium cosmetic containers.


But aluminum cosmetic containers are not the only thing made by this company. They also make plastics, jars, tube foams, closures, godets, and even auto parts.


The company is so diversified. It manufactures and designs products for different industries. Some of the industries are the pharmaceutical industry. Then there’s the health and hospitality industry. And also the personal care and cosmetic industry.


Buying aluminum cosmetic bottles from them will be very satisfactory. Ranging from product design, down to very quick delivery. They also offer services like making molds and quality assurance checks. Then there is a quality product and a brief lead time.


They also offer customization services for aluminium bottles for cosmetics. It includes matt spray paint, frosting painting, and hot stamping. They also give debossing and embossing, UV coating, printing silk screen, and anodizing.


If you want the best for your aluminium cosmetic containers, then consider them.




Location: Samutprakarn, Thailand

Company type: Manufacturers

Year founded:1960

The number of employees: 50 – 100

Main product: Metal containers

Other products: other kinds of metal containers of different shapes, including aluminium cans.

Provide customization (silk screen, label) service: Yes

Advantages: The services they provide are of very high quality. And they also deliver your aluminium cosmetic bottles very fast.


This is another good manufacturer of aluminium cans. They have over 50 years of experience. And they can make aluminum containers in different forms. And also for different purposes.




The company is so established that it can meet your needs. And also meet the demands of their increasing customers. They will do this without delay and produce very safe aluminium cosmetic bottles for you.


They specialize in aluminum bottles of different varieties and shapes. They don’t only make aluminum cosmetic containers. They also customize your aluminium bottles for cosmetics. They offer to coat and offset printing. They have state-of-the-art technology. With that, you should be getting nothing but the best.




Location: Nakornpathorn, Thailand

Company type: Customization and Manufacturing of metal bottles

Year founded: 1982

The number of employees: 455 – 500

Main product: Metal containers

Other products: aluminium cans, coffee cups, plastics, and other kinds of metal packaging

Provide customization (silk screen, label) service: Yes

Advantages: they offer products at promotional prices that are cheap and very affordable. Their customization options include offset printing.


This company is sure to give you the best quality aluminium cans. They will not only give you high-quality aluminum cosmetic containers. They will give you aluminium cosmetic bottles at promo prices. Creating value for your products and your business.


Their aluminium bottles for cosmetic packaging are of top-notch quality. They are also very safe, clean, and of international standard.


Benjamit packaging company does very fair business. They have premium packaging for aluminium cosmetic bottles. To give you quality packaging for your cosmetic products.


The company also customizes and makes closures for your aluminium cosmetic containers. They also make plastic cups for injection, tin cans, candy cases, etc.


Don’t worry, their aluminum cosmetic bottles are very affordable. They will help to grow your business.




Location: Chonburi, Thailand

Company type: Manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of packaging. Year founded: 1975

The number of employees: 100 – 200

Main product: All kinds of packages ranging from paper to flexible ones.

Other products: Industrial core and tubes

Provide customization (silk screen, label) service: Yes

Advantages: Their metal can packaging, coupled with their graphic management can help grow your business. It will make your brand very strong.


Sonoco Asia is one of the international manufacturers and distributors of metal cans. They are in more than 85 countries and have more than 330 plants around the globe.




The company has existed since 1899 but came to Asia in 1975. They are dedicated to giving you the best quality packaging for your cosmetic products.


Their packaging solutions will fit what you are looking for. They also offer delivery solutions as well. Which are very affordable and won’t strain your budget.




Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Company type: Manufacturers and Distributors

Year founded: 1997

The number of employees: Less than 50

Main product: Meta packages lacquer and water-based sealing compound

Other products: They also manufacture metal cans for food, beverages, beer, and other cans. They also provide aluminum cosmetic collapsible tubes.

Provide customization (silk screen, label) service: Yes

Advantages: All the products and services provided by the company are of high quality. And they are made according to the regulations of ISO 9001: 2015.


UBIS Asia is one company where you will find quality products. They also offer complete customer satisfaction. And give you good business relationships.




The policy of their production is focused on making quality products. And to make sure their customers get quality services.


Their factories and equipment are up-to-date. That is to say that they meet the industrial standards for metal cans.


The company will do all it can to give you the best. Be it aluminum cans for cosmetic products. Or for general purposes.




Location: Samut Prakan, Thailand

Company type: Manufacturer and Marketers

Year founded: 1965

The number of employees: Less than 2000 and more than 1,500

Main product: metal cans and containers for different purposes

Other products: packaging for foods, beverages, and other industries. And plastic containers with high oxygen barriers.

Provide customization (silk screen, label) service: Yes

Advantages: One advantage of working with Swan Industries is that you get treated as business partners. The company treats all its customers that way. Whether you are buying in large quantities or not.


Swan Industries is a metal can maker in Thailand. They manufacture and develop metal cans of very high quality. These metal cans would not only be of high quality. But they will meet your needs.



The company manufactures metal cans for cosmetic purposes. They also make cans for food, beverages, and even aerosol cans.


The plastic containers they make have a very high oxygen barrier. They range from plastic bowls to cups or trays.


If you need high-quality aluminium cans or bottles for your cosmetics, then try them out.




Location: Samutsakhon

Company type: Manufacturer

Year founded: 1986

The number of employees: more than 1000

Main product: Metal Packaging

Other products: packaging for foods, beverages, and other industries

Provide customization (silk screen, label) service: Yes

Advantages: they have a research and development sector. Their products are always up to market standards.


In Thailand, this is one of the best manufacturers of metal cans. But they also set up a new line for aluminium cans.


With them, you get very high-quality aluminium packaging products. This is because of the modern technology they have.


They also check every process of your aluminum containers, and cans manufacturing. And take note of every detail and make sure it meets your needs.




It is one of the values of the company to give their customers top-notch products and services. Whether they are within Thailand or located in any other country in the world.


If you need very reliable aluminium bottles for cosmetics, then this is your final stop. Their products are safe, sustainable, reliable, and sure to meet your needs.




More and more basic industries are moving from China to Southeast also countries like Thailand and Vietnam, they are cheap, but because the supply chain shortage and management is not very well, so how to find and measure a reliable supplier is especially important, you can also refer to this article – 7 must-know key points import and customize metal containers from china.


It will make it easier for you to buy aluminum bottles for your cosmetic products and business.


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