Why Choose AluminumRock?

For 8 years, our company has specialized in manufacturing aluminum cosmetic packaging.

We have 2 factories that offer different types of packaging with varying capacities.

The first one specializes in aluminum bottles, aluminum cans, and aluminum jars with a daily capacity of 100,000pcs.

The second one deals with aluminum cosmetic tubes and can produce 50,000pcs per day.

ISO9000/14000 certification and SGS inspection are available. 

We do not just produce and customize aluminuim bottles, we also value our customers’ satisfaction. For that reason, we always aim at customizing and delivering only quality aluminum cosmetic packaging.

They can either be aluminium jars for cosmetics, aluminium cosmetic containers aluminum cosmetic tubes, or any other, but they will meet your needs.

If you need proof or are not convinced, you can go ahead and contact us!  If you want, we can also schedule a special zoom inspection session for you or your management team.

At the moment, we do not promote or support physical sessions for inspection. This is to avoid spreading or contracting the COVID-19 virus.


But we believe that as soon as the pandemic is over, physical inspection will resume as soon as possible.

The following are the reasons why you should choose AluminumRock:

  • Over 200+ varieties & volumes of aluminum cosmetic packaging
  • All our products are available in aluminum
  • You can choose custom shapes & molds
  • Custom prints:
    Offset printing,
    Heat transfer,
    UV coating,  
    Silkscreen printing
    on aluminum cosmetic bottles are available
  • Labeling and branding services available
  • Primary and secondary packaging
  • We have top-notch screen printing available

All these are depending on what you need! But if what you need is not here, you can always reach out to us! At AluminumRock, we aim to always satisfy our customers.

The Numbers We Achieved

With just 6 years in the aluminum cosmetic containers, jar, canister, and tubes industry, we have achieved great strides. AluminumRock has successfully supplied big and small brands with customized aluminum aluminum cosmetic bottles , aluminum cosmetic tubes, aluminum cosmetic aluminum cosmetic jars. These are all thanks to our extensive know-how and expertise in delivering these services.

AluminumRock has successfully offered industry coverage to over 20+ countries and has completed more than 350+ successful projects.

We have over 100+ satisfied and happy clients, and our passion for our business is continually pushing us to the limits of our know-how to not only provide high-quality and innovative products, but eco-friendly products and solutions as well.

Happy Clients
From Countries
Successful Projects